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What is baltzar.com and what does the collaboration mean?

Per Ljung is an independent boutique, founded on the principles of giving the customer the best possible service and value. Since the start in 2009 Per and his colleagues has been able to offer this over the counter, with great success. In 2023, Per decided that his passion and gift really lays in the intimate meeting that takes place in-store. However after years of offering his product online he felt he could not, nor did not want to, disappear from the web. Luckily Per met Baltzar.com, a platform for menswear stores that is all about what Per is about. Good service, good value and ready to get down to work in order to give the customer the best possible experience. 

Per ljung part of baltzar.com. Axel Persson, Fredrik Krantz, Per Ljung & Wilhelm Sturesson

Through joining up with destination boutiques Baltzar aims to bring the best of Bricks and Mortar online without trying to compete with the offline experience. Instead we encourage all customers go and visit the shops. Everything on Baltzar comes from a store somewhere and if you have a question about a product there is a sales rep that will be able to help you, we are just trying to orchestrate the dialogue and facilitate the transactions. All online orders can be picked up at a partner store, all orders can also be returned to any partner store. Recognizing that the big hassle of online shopping often is either getting the final piece of help after you bought something or getting help returning something if it was totally wrong. Going to the store enables you to save time and also get it perfectly right. While you still might prefer to browse products from the comfort of your home. 

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